Locks, Stocks and 2 Smoking Wands

The Games complete! The winner is...
Both the Gathering of Avenigart and the Forgotten Heroes win the Games of Ketar! There is much rejoicing, and even better - much loot to be had!
The Trial of Air, the Final Challenge
With but one challenge left, can the Gathering of Avenigart and the Forgotten Heroes finish the Games of Ketar?
Into the Rabbit Hole. The trial of Light!
Coaxed by a mysterious woman in the Adventurer's Guild, the Gathering faces their next trial, where Reality comes into question!
Death of an Ally!
The Gathering of Avenigart come up against their strongest foe yet - a Shard of the dead god Kord, and one of their own pays the ultimate price!
Trial by Water
A frantic race down a underwater slide in a bubble leads to a Ancient Temple of the Storm God Kord
There can be only one
Introducing Uragahn, Genasi Invoker and living incarnate of the dead god Kord
The conclusion of the Fire Trial! The approaching storm
In which our band of heroes fight a hoarde of Firebreathing Gnolls and rescue a new companion
On to the Fire Challenge!
Following their same M.O., the Gathering of Avenigart choose the Fire Trial after it claims the Blue Dragon Brigade
Here, thar be Pirates! Yar!
While fighting undead in an ancient battlefield, the group finds a new ally - a Space Pirate?!?
  • After completing the Darkness puzzle, the Gathering of Avenigart was teleported to a storm-wracked ancient battlefield. Large stone boulders spotted the lightning illuminated landscape around them, with a shattered wooden temple the only structure apparent.
  • Visible in the temple was a large stone cairn, with what appeared to be a massive sword coming out of the center of the pile.
  • Before being able to investigate anything, lightning struck the ground nearby the heroes, and as an apparent after-affect undead warriors began to rise from the mud and water to attack.
  • Near the end of a seemingly endless wave of undead, lightning struck the giant sword-like rod in the cairn, causing a massive explosion of stone rocks – raining debris down on the battlefield.
  • After all the undead in the area was defeated, the Gathering investigated the remains of the cairn, discovering a elaboratly carved and glowing monolith.
  • A small sprite-like spirit appeared before them, introducing himself as Kiayotai, attache to the pirate Black Katt who was suspended within the lifepod behind him. After parleying with the group, he determined that their Tech Level was 8 (To the confusion of Por D’nomel who wondered why anyone would number Teak) and that the Great Storm has apparently ended – making it safe to wake up his captain.
  • And so Syaras Isis Rackham, aka Captain Black Katt – Space Pirate, was awoken 1406 years after her vessel was sucked into a “Wormhole” and destroyed. Apparently 3 other pods similar to hers may be somewhere on the world awaiting their captain.
  • Before any real introductions could be made, rotting drums began to beat out a war march. Spectral warriors began to battle each other all around the companions, as phantom stones fell from the sky. As the Gathering watched in awe the events unfold around them, one of the Legendary Creatures known as the Wages of War appeared and the battle of their life began. Just as it seemed the group had defeated the spectral warrior, it exploded into a font of anguished souls and began to flit about the battlefield causing great damage.
  • In the end, the group emerged victorious and after retrieving the silver statue of Darkness, teleported back to the Games. To ensure that the Black Katt returned with them, Lord Azrael gave her one of the groups Attunement Crystals to denote her as one of their own.
Who's afraid of the Big Bad Doll?
Completing the Trial of Earth, the group rests for the night and then begins the trial of Darkness


  • Battled Stone Divers that kept popping in and out of columns to attack the party, until Lord Azrael had everyone group together to prevent ambushes.
  • The Gathering found a silver statue with an Earth symbol, which triggered a gate back to the starting chamber.
  • Once they returned they had to wait until all groups completed their challenges.
  • The Dark Legacy were defeated on day 1. The Gathering of Avenigart called dibs on the Dark Challenge for the next day.
  • Vondal displayed the extend of his earth powers before the combined crowd, amazing everyone.
  • The Gathering was brought with the other groups that had completed the challenge to place their trophies. They saw two statues that resembled the immortal pair, with one labeled Chuck Norris and the other Princess Leia.
  • The group split up to relax during the evening, but turned in early to be at their best for day 2.
  • The next morning, the group completed the Darkness Puzzle in record time, thanks to a fortunate placement of people.

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