Locks, Stocks and 2 Smoking Wands

A family affair

In which the Eladrin Queen of the Fae and her baby son are kidnapped in a foul plot to take the throne

One night in the spring of 1156, in the Eldrannon capital of Alaterian, a group of elven and eladrin militia were woken with the most dire of news. The Eladrin Queen Linwë Ancalimë and her infant son Lúthien had been kidnapped! Apparently some sort of Necromancer had invaded the palace and killed everyone there, taking the Queen and her son and escaping the city. The band was mobilized along with the rest of the city to track them down and rescue them with haste. Wizards were dispatched to retrieve the Queen’s sister, Anaranë, from the port city of Eärlindë and to ensure her safety.

The band quickly mounted up and headed out the Southern gate, passing many fallen fae along the way. Out into the night they rode, their keen elven senses following the tracks of decay and rot, along with many of their kin. The further from the city they rode, the more the various bands branched out, blanketing the countryside. Additionally, many scouts had already left the city well ahead of them, so an occasional marker let them know that they seemed to be on the right track. For now the trail seemed to be paralleling the road west to the human kingdom of Helmon, but the crossroads near the Elven Wood was quickly approaching. Fearing an ambush at the crossroads, the group split up, sending the strikers ahead to deal with the situation, while the rest acted as bait.

And an ambush was waiting for them, it turned out. A band of zombies and a shadow were lurking behind the ruins of a roadhouse long abandoned at the crossroads. But the ambushers were themselves ambushed, resulting in very little time nor energy wasted in battle. Searching around the crossroads, it was determined that the large group of rotters had instead turned south along the Elven Wood, probably towards the mountains to the south. Mounting back up, the band spurred their mounts on, quickly passing through the night.

Hours later, as the mountains came in sight, they came upon a furious battle raging at the forests edge. Before they could reach it to engage the enemy, a wounded elf made himself known to them, halting them in their tracks. He informed the group that the Queen and her son had been taken into the forest, and that rescuing either was of utmost priority. Noting their low rank, he suggested that they not get involved in any heavy engagement, as the enemy was quite powerful.

Dismounting, the group entered the Elven Wood, knowing that a slight misstep would undoubtedly cast them into the Feywild, which would almost certainly spell certain doom. Upon entering the forest, they found several possible trails, and took the one that seemed most promising. Before going too far down the trail, however, several members of the band saw a White Stag that seemed to be waiting for them before bounding off into the undergrowth. Taking it as a sign to follow, a frantic chase began through the enchanted forest, where no light penetrates its towering trees. Scratched and Tired, one of the rangers received a mental message from the enchanted beast that the group should remain quiet, before disappearing from sight. As they settled down and rested from the chase, they noticed light from a clearing ahead.

Moving to investigate, they discovered a large ruined temple with many undead scattered about, where a Drow male appeared to be speaking to a cloaked figure. The Drow appeared to be holding a small bundle. Before the group could react, the cloaked figure disappeared with a flash of magic, teleporting away. The Drow exclaimed that “The sister has been given to the Necromancer. The babe is mine!” Disturbed at the horrid revelation on all counts, the group knew that they had to save the child. They quickly began to plan how to get the infant from the dark elf.

Meanwhile, the Drow began to chant a ritual, which caused the baby to start crying after a few moments. Thinking the child in danger, the group rushed to intercept. As the warriors charged into the fray, a glow of arcane fire erupted from the child, with a wolf pup erupting from the flame and biting the startled Drow. Baby and pup fell to the altar he was holding them over as the battle began. The Eladrin wizard rushed to the rear of the temple, and using his basic cantrips, levitated the child to his waiting hands before teleporting closer to the waiting forest. Unfortunately, the drow saw him and entrapped him in a damaging web, though he had the sense to levitate the child away from the web and harm.

The strikers were busy engaging the enemy and trying to hold the enemy off. At that point, a large sarcophagus teleported near one of the party members, opening up to reveal that it was an iron maiden, and chains shot out to pull the hapless victim into its deadly embrace. The archer, a female elf named Amandil, grabbed the child from the wizard and made the safety of the woods. As member after member fell before the combined undead, construct, and drow hoard, the elven druidess Nienna also fell back to assist in the protection of the child. Eventually, the last party member fell and the undead gave chase.

Realizing that the words of the Drow when they first arrived implicated the Queen’s sister as having planned the kidnapping, the two women knew that they could never return home. And so they took all of the horses and fled west along the forest towards the kingdom of Helmon, with a undead host giving chase. Early into the morning they rode, the drow and his minions nipping at their heels – crying for the blood of the child. This proved to be his undoing, for they unknowingly passed into the hunting grounds of the immortal human Tisha Wyvern, who witnessed the rantings of the enraged drow. As the pair of elves continued to flee the air lit up behind them as a huge beam of fire and light erupted from the forest and totally obliterated their pursuers.

More scared about what magics could have made such a blast, the pair continued riding hard on into the morning. As the horses that they rode tired and could go on no longer, they switched mounts and rode some more. Once they ran out of horses, they ran. Eventually, they found themselves in the foothills to the south of Helmon with the child and the wolf pup – The child with a strange symbol on the back of his left hand and the white wolf with a pattern of flame travelling up its left side. With such exotic charges, they knew that they could never return to civilization and that they would have to stay away from the comfort of nature as well…



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