Locks, Stocks and 2 Smoking Wands

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Doll?

Completing the Trial of Earth, the group rests for the night and then begins the trial of Darkness


  • Battled Stone Divers that kept popping in and out of columns to attack the party, until Lord Azrael had everyone group together to prevent ambushes.
  • The Gathering found a silver statue with an Earth symbol, which triggered a gate back to the starting chamber.
  • Once they returned they had to wait until all groups completed their challenges.
  • The Dark Legacy were defeated on day 1. The Gathering of Avenigart called dibs on the Dark Challenge for the next day.
  • Vondal displayed the extend of his earth powers before the combined crowd, amazing everyone.
  • The Gathering was brought with the other groups that had completed the challenge to place their trophies. They saw two statues that resembled the immortal pair, with one labeled Chuck Norris and the other Princess Leia.
  • The group split up to relax during the evening, but turned in early to be at their best for day 2.
  • The next morning, the group completed the Darkness Puzzle in record time, thanks to a fortunate placement of people.



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