Dragonborn + Paladin = Divine RAW POWER


Killed by Kord’s Shard of Apathy in the Water Trial of the Games of Ketar.


My name? ZZ’Ditri and I am an orphan Dragonborn. I am 14 years of age. As I grew up I helped take care of the other kids in the orphanage. At the age of 10 I left the orphanage to train as a paladin for 4 years. After I returned home, my friends and I were supposed to escort a cleric to a chapel of Bahamut in the city of Dennon, but we were chased by Orcs. We were forced to retreat to the nearby swamp. In the swamp we were attacked by a dinosaur/giant lizard monster and I was knocked unconscious. When i woke up I found other adventurers knocked out but one of them was waking up. Now I need to find my friends and hope that they survived. I just hope they are Ok.


Locks, Stocks and 2 Smoking Wands ZZDitri