Locks, Stocks and 2 Smoking Wands

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Doll?
Completing the Trial of Earth, the group rests for the night and then begins the trial of Darkness


  • Battled Stone Divers that kept popping in and out of columns to attack the party, until Lord Azrael had everyone group together to prevent ambushes.
  • The Gathering found a silver statue with an Earth symbol, which triggered a gate back to the starting chamber.
  • Once they returned they had to wait until all groups completed their challenges.
  • The Dark Legacy were defeated on day 1. The Gathering of Avenigart called dibs on the Dark Challenge for the next day.
  • Vondal displayed the extend of his earth powers before the combined crowd, amazing everyone.
  • The Gathering was brought with the other groups that had completed the challenge to place their trophies. They saw two statues that resembled the immortal pair, with one labeled Chuck Norris and the other Princess Leia.
  • The group split up to relax during the evening, but turned in early to be at their best for day 2.
  • The next morning, the group completed the Darkness Puzzle in record time, thanks to a fortunate placement of people.
Let the Games Begin
In which the Gathering of Avenigart take their place in the Games of Ketar and take on the Trial of Earth

Session notes:

  • Dyelda’s Destroyers defeated Mug Bear and his circus cronies but lost two members in the process, disqualifying them from the Games.
  • The group, with Dyelda’s Destroyers in tow, make it unmolested to Ketar and register for the games. They are given a Pavilion to stay in for the week.
  • A little exploring of the fairground and the city reveals a gay dwarven weaponsmith, a store selling branded group tabards, rooftop dining, and a tower of magic.
  • This years games features 6 challenges: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Light and Dark. The Gathering of Avenigart chose Earth.
  • The first test of earth was crossing a bridge
  • The second test of earth was a Bullete
  • The group then did an extended rest by a crevice in a cliff
Mug Bear?
In which the Gathering joins the Adventurer's Guild and heads for Ketar
The Kobold Lair
In which the Gathering defeats a host of Kobold and their Goblin leader Irontooth
  • Long battle where the Goblin almost killed Zz’Dittri and Mysha.
  • Group looted the chamber of all weapons, armor and a few gems from a black dragon skull.
  • Entrance corridor had a strange blue glow in it – Azrael, Mysha, and Por D’nomel had the same glow on the runes on their hands.
  • Por D’nomel found a natural crystal orb lodged in the bottom of the pool.
  • After entering the glow, they found themselves back in the mansion in a large chamber with magical pillars in each corridor.
  • The group visited the armorer, a weapon store, Gob’s Gemcutter, and Llemantic Oddities to evaluate and or sell all their loot.
  • At Gob’s they found out that the crystal orb was naturally formed but not on this world.
  • At Llemantic Oddities, they discovered that the Ogre behind the desk is a magical organization formed by a godlike wizard for the purpose of creating sort of a toll-bridge function in dungeons. Since this world has the Ogre, Allinde revealed that the wizard had actually modified the entire dimension, and taught the party how to summon their own personal 10 foot pole.
Which door, 1 2 3 or 4?
In which our heroes outfit themselves and venture into the darker side of the boarding house

Recap for further expansion:

  • Will picked up clothes for himself and Roland.
  • Azrael Checked on Charter, then picked up group symbol to be vote on.
  • Por traded ritual for magical dwarven shield
  • Azrael stopped by Adventuring outfitters to get suggestions for equipment for game
  • The Gathering ate lunch with barrister and voted to accept charter
  • Group pooled money at outfitters and bought general survival gear
  • Group then purchased harness for wolf, Roland and Azrael.
  • Zz’Ditri visited friends at temple and tower – picked up keg of holy water.
  • Azrael went shopping for Adventuring clothes, so not to mess up his good clothing
  • Por visited The Adventurer’s Guild, met Minotaur guildmaster and was refused entry to the hall of records for not being a member yet.
  • Roland visited the upper class section of town, followed by wolf to ply his trade. The wolf bit his arm to stop him from stealing, resulting in more Roland bashing by party.
  • Group finally entered the dangerous wing of Mae’s, where they encountered a room with a Ogre behind a desk, asking them to make a choice of 1 of 4 magical portals. They eventually chose door #2, for the price of 21 gold.
The seedier side of town
Mysha joins the group and Roland tries to join the Thieves Guild
A family affair
In which the Eladrin Queen of the Fae and her baby son are kidnapped in a foul plot to take the throne

One night in the spring of 1156, in the Eldrannon capital of Alaterian, a group of elven and eladrin militia were woken with the most dire of news. The Eladrin Queen Linwë Ancalimë and her infant son Lúthien had been kidnapped! Apparently some sort of Necromancer had invaded the palace and killed everyone there, taking the Queen and her son and escaping the city. The band was mobilized along with the rest of the city to track them down and rescue them with haste. Wizards were dispatched to retrieve the Queen’s sister, Anaranë, from the port city of Eärlindë and to ensure her safety.

The band quickly mounted up and headed out the Southern gate, passing many fallen fae along the way. Out into the night they rode, their keen elven senses following the tracks of decay and rot, along with many of their kin. The further from the city they rode, the more the various bands branched out, blanketing the countryside. Additionally, many scouts had already left the city well ahead of them, so an occasional marker let them know that they seemed to be on the right track. For now the trail seemed to be paralleling the road west to the human kingdom of Helmon, but the crossroads near the Elven Wood was quickly approaching. Fearing an ambush at the crossroads, the group split up, sending the strikers ahead to deal with the situation, while the rest acted as bait.

Story Time
In which the group tricks several other groups into giving up their secrets

Arrangements are made for Attunement Crystals, the group decides on a name and begins a charter, and then tricks several other groups into revealing information about several legends through a story telling competition.

Heroes Unite
In which our intrepid band becomes one for the first time

The Bard and Dragonborn awaken and make their way to Dennon, but not before discovering that the Dragonborn has been disjoined for over 15 years. Once they arrive, they settle in at Mae’s. The Bard talks to his brother, the Dragonborn talks to his friend who was overjoyed to see him, and both eventually join the rest of the group. All meet at the Inn of Gatherers where tales are told and destiny decided.

Welcome to Dennon
In which the heroes make it to Dennon and find a place to stay.

With his party redirected to the less travelled southern section of Eldrannon by their elven guides, Lord Azrael and company made good time towards his destination – the city of Dennon in the Kingdom of Helmon. Early in the morning on his second day of travel, the group was intercepted by a lone human woman running down from the foothills that made up the southern border of the kingdom. Reigning in, the elven guides apparently recognized the stranger, giving her respect that made the young noble suspicious – especially given that that the human woman was barely dressed and had little in the way of manners.

After speaking with the elves, the woman approached the noble and introduced herself as Tisha, with all the formality that was his due. Surprised, Azrael returned the greetings, though he had no clue to her true identity. She relayed to him the story of a pair of dwarves that had come into her care – escaped slaves of giants in the mountains to the south at the beginning of last winter. As she and her husband had grown weary of company, she wondered if the young Lord could escort them to civilization. Amused, he agreed and the woman took off at a run towards a farmstead in the hills. Following behind at a slower pace, the group eventually arrived at the farm.


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