Locks, Stocks and 2 Smoking Wands

Swamp Muck
Introducing Zzditri, the Dragonborn Paladin to Bahamut

ZZ’Ditri, a young Dragonborn Paladin to Bahamut, was raised in an orphanage in the city of Fallsreach in the kingdom of Helmon. When he was considered a young adult, he and his group of friends decided to leave the orphanage and make their way in the world. His friend Arihan, a fellow Dragonborn and also cleric to Bahamut, had been offered a position at a temple being formed in the city of Dennon. So Zz’Ditrri, Arihan and their friends Lucan, Nebin, Redgar, and Soveliss set out by river barge to Dennon.

Though the first leg of the journey was uneventful, the barge picked up a shadow as they entered the lake. A ship of Orc Raiders had spotted the barge and began to pursue them in earnest. Realizing that they would never reach Dennon, the captain took a risky move and sailed the barge into Keg’s Marsh, as the Barge had a much lower draft than the ship that followed them. And though they did lose the Orc Raiders, the ship ran aground anyway, Stranding them in the marsh.

Quest for Glory
Introducing Lord Azrael IV sig Mnemnoc, Tiefling Warlock

Lord Azrael IV sig Mnemenoc, youngest heir of house Mnemnoc, has come of age. In the Tiefling tradition, it is time for him to go out into the world and gain influence for himself and his house. To assist him, his sister Kallista has arranged for passage to the city of Dennon, where she wishes him to investigate the dealings of House Taladeran – an upcoming house not yet among the Tiefling Emirates.

Setting out with a Tiefling envoy (As well as a half-orc female ranger), Azrael made his way to the coastal city Port Avyrn, where he boarded the Freewind – a trade ship captained by the Air Genasi, Captain Angeal. A friend of his sister, the Genasi and his Dragonborn first-mate Gilthen took the young Tiefling and his entourage aboard, along with a second noble family heading for the same place – Lady Ivaleese sig Valis and her band. After trading distant pleasantries, with mention of “The Games” which apparently was her destination in Dennon, the ship set sail.

Free my People
Introducing Bryn and Vondal, dwarven members of clan Avengart which has been enslaved by giants for over 1000 years.

The Dwarves were the hardest hit of all the races in the joining. The physical changes to the world shifted entire pockets of the underground realms of the dwarves, isolating some, entombing others. The result is a tale of sorrow. The once proud city of Ironhold, home of the Prime Order of Clan Avenigart, protectors of Rik Grun’Ron the Dwarven Forge of Power, have lost both their purpose and their freedom. For the location of the Forge is now lost to history, hidden during the kin-wars during the time of the Dark. And as fate would have it, the realm of the dwarves merged with the realm of the Giant Kings, resulting in the enslavement of the dwarven people. For 1,000 years the dwarves have served their evil overlords, mining and farming, furiously trying to hold onto their traditions. A proud race, the dwarves struggle endlessly to find a way to bring freedom to their people.

Toiling endlessly in fields and mines, whenever the dwarves break through walls and discover a lost portion of their homeland, they fake an accident and send in a team of explorers to seek out artifacts or historic items that might give them an edge. And so it was that Bryn and Vondal came to a long lost tomb, along with several other dwarven brethren, to explore a tomb that had been uncovered by mining. After having invoked a Augury to ensure the young dwarves would not suffer any overwhelming task, the door was unsealed and the explorers made their way inside.

The Fugitive
Introducing the rogue who will be called Roland Shadowhawk, a young half-breed in the wrong heist at the wrong time

The young child Grayson Drake and his brother had a big break finally. His brother had found out about the disappearance of one of the city elders, Master Foyier. Since he was gone, that left a large house ripe for the plunder – just a thing for a couple of thieves to do as a rite of passage for the Thieves Guild. So they gathered together a band of thieves, each with his own reason for joining the heist – a big mistake.

Nearly a week was spent in the planning of the heist. They tracked down the apprentice of the trap-maker who helped design the mansion, spoke in depth with former staff of Master Foyier, plotted out patrol patterns and bribed a few city officials, and even had a key made to get them in the place. From clues they had found, they knew they were looking for a model, a carving, a staff, a belt, pyramids, and a crank – even if they had no idea what any of it meant.

A Bard's Tale
Introducing the Eladrin Bard Por D' Nomel, in his search for the lost Unicorn

Escorted from Eldrannon to the Druid Island in Helmon, the young Eladrin bard Por D’ Nomel was on a mission. His elven guide left him at the shore of the river across from the island, which was always shrouded in a dense fog, where he was informed that the druids would come for him when they were ready.

After an extended time of sitting and waiting, he began to hear the sound of rushing water, as stones rose up out of the river, forming a makeshift bridge out into the fog. Crossing to the other side, Por met the High Druid, who had already been informed of his task – to find out what happened to the Unicorn who had been missing for over a thousand years – not seen since the time of the Joining. The High Druid told the young Eladrin that he had no personal knowledge, but had arranged for a group of protectors to lead him into the Witchwood, where there was a Font of Wisdom, that might give him the answer he seeks.

Figurines of Wonderous Power
A trip back in history reveals the true fate of the Unicorn

With the final incantation of the ritual, the group found themselves in another time, another place, and not themselves. For they were now a group of adventurers in the Time of the Dark, sent into the mountains by Queen Alsbethian to discover why her Unicorn cavalry had not yet joined the battle that was raging even now to the north in the Valley of the Skull. For the forces of light had finally tracked the Dark Lord down and the Endgame was at hand.

So each person found themselves inhabiting the body of one of the adventurers, though they appeared to be of their own mind. They did have the knowledge that in the valley below them was the home of the Unicorn, and whatever was wrong would be discovered there. So since this was exactly the knowledge that they sought out, the group readied themselves and began their trek down the mountain. Behind them raged the endless winter of the Darkness, but the combined magic of the unicorns below kept the valley in a state of eternal springtime. Or should have at any rate – even from the slopes of the mountain they could see color in the trees below, as though the spirits of Autumn had begun to kiss the leaves of the ancient wood.

Welcome to Dennon
In which the heroes make it to Dennon and find a place to stay.

With his party redirected to the less travelled southern section of Eldrannon by their elven guides, Lord Azrael and company made good time towards his destination – the city of Dennon in the Kingdom of Helmon. Early in the morning on his second day of travel, the group was intercepted by a lone human woman running down from the foothills that made up the southern border of the kingdom. Reigning in, the elven guides apparently recognized the stranger, giving her respect that made the young noble suspicious – especially given that that the human woman was barely dressed and had little in the way of manners.

After speaking with the elves, the woman approached the noble and introduced herself as Tisha, with all the formality that was his due. Surprised, Azrael returned the greetings, though he had no clue to her true identity. She relayed to him the story of a pair of dwarves that had come into her care – escaped slaves of giants in the mountains to the south at the beginning of last winter. As she and her husband had grown weary of company, she wondered if the young Lord could escort them to civilization. Amused, he agreed and the woman took off at a run towards a farmstead in the hills. Following behind at a slower pace, the group eventually arrived at the farm.

Heroes Unite
In which our intrepid band becomes one for the first time

The Bard and Dragonborn awaken and make their way to Dennon, but not before discovering that the Dragonborn has been disjoined for over 15 years. Once they arrive, they settle in at Mae’s. The Bard talks to his brother, the Dragonborn talks to his friend who was overjoyed to see him, and both eventually join the rest of the group. All meet at the Inn of Gatherers where tales are told and destiny decided.

Story Time
In which the group tricks several other groups into giving up their secrets

Arrangements are made for Attunement Crystals, the group decides on a name and begins a charter, and then tricks several other groups into revealing information about several legends through a story telling competition.

A family affair
In which the Eladrin Queen of the Fae and her baby son are kidnapped in a foul plot to take the throne

One night in the spring of 1156, in the Eldrannon capital of Alaterian, a group of elven and eladrin militia were woken with the most dire of news. The Eladrin Queen Linwë Ancalimë and her infant son Lúthien had been kidnapped! Apparently some sort of Necromancer had invaded the palace and killed everyone there, taking the Queen and her son and escaping the city. The band was mobilized along with the rest of the city to track them down and rescue them with haste. Wizards were dispatched to retrieve the Queen’s sister, Anaranë, from the port city of Eärlindë and to ensure her safety.

The band quickly mounted up and headed out the Southern gate, passing many fallen fae along the way. Out into the night they rode, their keen elven senses following the tracks of decay and rot, along with many of their kin. The further from the city they rode, the more the various bands branched out, blanketing the countryside. Additionally, many scouts had already left the city well ahead of them, so an occasional marker let them know that they seemed to be on the right track. For now the trail seemed to be paralleling the road west to the human kingdom of Helmon, but the crossroads near the Elven Wood was quickly approaching. Fearing an ambush at the crossroads, the group split up, sending the strikers ahead to deal with the situation, while the rest acted as bait.


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