Tag: Helmon


  • Helmon

    One of the many such fiefdoms to appear after the Two-Hundred Year Storm that took place during the Joining. The kingdom is made up of many refuge races, and horses seem to be the main trade commodity that has developed there in the last one thousand …

  • Fallsreach

    The northernmost city in the kingdom of [[Helmon]], Fallsreach is so named for the great waterfall north of it. The city is one of the two Navy outposts of Helmon, patrolling the river against the [[Orc]] raiders from the west.

  • Dennon

    On the eastern bay of the great lake, the city of Dennon is one of the main trade centers of the kingdom of [[Helmon]]. It is in Dennon that horses from [[The Farm]] are trained and shipped out to the many kingdoms that rely on the beasts of burden or …

  • The Farm

    South of [[Fallsreach]] lies several miles of fertile land. It is here that great herds of horses run free. From these herds, denizen's of the farm capture and tame horses to be sent south along the river to [[Dennon]] to be trained.