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Character Story Arcs

Swamp Muck (Completed)
While traveling with his childhood friends from Fallsreach to start a new life in Dennon, the Dragonborn Paladin ZZ’Ditri and his group ran afoul of Kegs Marsh. While trying to escape the marsh, the group was attacked by a large group of Lizard Folk. The battle was interrupted by a large Macetailed Behemoth, and during the chaos, the Paladin fell in battle and was carried off by the creature, but disjoined before he was killed. 15 years later, he appeared in the Witchwood with Por D’ Nomel, where he later discovered that most of his friends had made it Dennon.

Quest for Glory
From 3rd house of the glory seeking Tiefling Emirates, house Memnoc, Azrael IV a young Warlock has left the fold to improve both his ranking in his family and the ranking of his family.

Free my People
One of the hardest hit races of the Joining, two dwarven refugees, Vondal Adrik and Brin seek the means and the power to retake their Clan-hold back from the Giant oppressors.

The Fugitive
A young Half Breed Rogue, Grayson Drake, looking to score it big in Yenell, the capital of Helmon joined up with his brother on a heist to loot the mansion of one of the city elder’s who had gone missing. What was discovered in the house was apparently was dangerous enough that now the entire kingdom is search for him, and the fate of his brother who was captured by the King’s champions is unknown.

A Bard’s Tale
Por D’ Nomel, a young Eladrin Bard comes from the Elven Wood east of Helmon. For reasons of his own, he seeks information about the fate of the Unicorns, mythical fae creatures that have not been seen in nearly 1000 years. Thanks to a Lost Memory, he has discovered that the Unicorns were transformed into figurines of power at the end of the Time of the Dark by a corrupted Weaver.

Heir Apparent
Mysha Braylin, Elven Ranger was raised by a pair of female Adventurers known as the Twin Dreams, roaming from Dungeon to Dungeon his entire life with his wolf companion Benuu. Little does the young elf suspect, but he is actually the son of the Queen of Eldrannon who was kidnapped 50 years ago. His protectors have kept this secret from him, hoping ignorance will save his life. But he has now struck out on his own, with his mysterious past and unanswered questions at the forefront of his mind.

Side Quests

The Games at Ketar
The Hive
The Lost Island
The Forge of Power
Druid Isle


Storm Surge
Legendary Creatures
Epic Dirt Farmers
Materia Spheres
Lost Memory

Current Quests

Locks, Stocks and 2 Smoking Wands vhesper