On Urth, there are five core racial heritages. At creation, the five races all lived in harmony on the single world. It wasn’t until the first Darkfall that eventually led to the separation of worlds, forming Aerth and Earth, that the races made a choice and began to evolve beyond their progenitor state.

The five races are:

  • Balaur : Draconic in nature, the Balaur are the oldest of the races. Attuned to the element of Water. Inhabitants of Aerth. Player race: Ahrnaen, Dragonborn
  • Earthkin : Strong connections to the earth. Attuned to the element of Earth. Inhabitants of Aerth. Player race(s): Dwarf, Halfling
  • Fae : Living embodiments of nature. Inhabitants of Aerth. Player race(s): Eladrin, Elf, Gnome
  • Humanoid : Passionate and aggressive, with a strong independent streak. Attuned to the element of Fire. Inhabitants of Earth. Player race(s): Human
  • Starfolk : Aloof and mysterious, the Starfolk were the original explorers of the unknown. Attuned to the element of Energy. Chose to live beyond the veil after the separation. Some made their way back through bonds with other races. Player race(s): Genasi, Tiefling

The Beastmen races, such as Orc and Goblin, which were created with the joining, are mostly Humanoid, though there are exceptions. Kobolds, for instance, are Dragonkind beastmen.


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