The AG

Formed by a group of powerful adventurers known as the Dungeon Masters, the Adventurer’s Guild (The AG) closely regulates the activities of explorers on the greater continent of Gorja. Due to the competitive nature of treasure seekers and explorers, the DM’s decided that the best way to manage them would be to form a organization similar to a merchants guild, but more in line with the fame and infamy that adventurers tend to attract.

To form a band of licensed adventurers, a group must be sponsored by an existing group, have their name and symbol approved by the guild council, and agree to charter, which includes the tithe of a half-share to the guild. The benefits of membership include access to guild shops, job boards, and the ability to adventure. Those who are caught adventuring without membership are captured (alive preferably) and dealt with by the guild council. Rogue guilds and teams that are able to defend themselves do exist, but are eventually dealt with by the Dungeon Masters.

The AG is structured in 3 tiers: Heroes, Paragons, and Exalted. Not much is known yet about the Paragon or Exalted tier, but members of the Heroic Tier include:

Adventuring Group Tier Level Rank
Blue Dragon Brigade Heroes 4 43
Dyelda’s Destroyers Heroes 3 42
Storm Riders Heroes 5 41
Dark Legacy Heroes 3 40
Battalion of the Last Hope Heroes 5 39
Forgotten Heroes Heroes 4 38
The Order of the Menhir Heroes 5 37
Exodus Heroes 5 36
Crimson Tigers Heroes 7 35
Rose Maidens Heroes 8 34
Jade Falcons Heroes 5 33
The Gathering of Avenigart Heroes 7 32
White Wolf Clan Heroes 6 31
Elementium Heroes 8 30
The Fallen Heroes 7 29
Harlequinn Heroes 9 28
Sisterhood of Twilight Heroes 7 27
Forlorn Legacy Heroes 9 26
Infernal Affairs Heroes 8 25
Order of the Celestial Dawn Heroes 9 24
Order of the Phoenix Blade Heroes 8 23
Triforce Paragon 11 22
Brotherhood of Steel Paragon 11 21
Blood Legion Paragon 16 20
Gravity Children Paragon 14 19
Maidens of Virtue Paragon 19 18
The League of the Extraordinary Paragon 14 17
Black Dolls Paragon 12 16
Sensates Paragon 16 15
Lightbringers Paragon 17 14
Order of the Hammer Paragon 19 13
Eternal Reign Paragon 16 12
Defenders of Gai’ia Exalted 21 11
Dark Moon Riders Paragon 20 10
Illuminati Exalted 22 9
The Eternal Requiem Exalted 21 8
Warpath Exalted 24 7
Guardians of Light Exalted 24 6
Sleeping Forest Exalted 24 5
High Council Exalted 22 4
Invictus Exalted 26 3
Dragonlords Exalted 28 2
Dungeon Masters Exalted 29 1

The AG

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