Player Characters

The Gathering of Avenigart

  • Por D’Nomel, Eladrin Bard, seeking the Unicorn which have been lost for the last 1,200 years, his true motive a mystery.
  • Roland Shadowhawk, Half Breed rogue, barely more than a child – his maturity is constantly in question.
  • Syaras Isis Rackham, aka Captain Black Katt, a human pirate from another world where people sailed the stars.
  • Vondal Avenigart, former dwarven slave, empowered by the heart of the dead god Moradin with the powers of a Stonejammer to bring wisdom to his people. Carrying the shards of Moradin in himself, Vondal freed his people from their Fire Giant enslavers and has been named Steward of all Dwarves, wielding the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, until the clan of Leadership can be found and the axe passed on.
  • Zengaku the Crimson Moon, Human NanoSoldier, a space pirate like his Captain Black Katt, Zengaku was the ships weaponmaster – equiped with nanotechnology that enhances his body beyond mortal means!
  • Jinx, Human Engineer, one of the last surviving crewmembers of Black Katt, Jinx was the ship’s engineer – capable to creating futuristic weapons and armor to equip his allies!
  • Asterione, Minotaur Warden who joined the group after battling Zengaku in a underground arena. He is a seeker of legendary creatures, though his quest has left many a physical mark on his body.
  • Ralov, Elf Invoker- last of the High Druid of Terramore, who was cured of chaos corruption by Por D’Nomel when one of the outposts of Terramore had its portal to the Library of Knowledge shifted during the Joining. The out of place, out of time Druid now seeks to find a location to recreate the Portal to the Library to find out the state of the Druid’s in the world.

Former Members

  • Lord Azrael IV sig Mnemnoc, Tiefling noble, seeking fortune and glory for himself and his house. Currently apart from the group, Lord Azrael is seeking out allies and resources for the inevitable battle against the Giants that have enslaved clan Avenigart.
  • ZZ’Ditri, Dragonborn Paladin to Bahamut, disjoined for 15 years while the world continued without him. Defeated by a shard of the dead god Kord.
  • Bryn Avenigart, former dwarven slave, empowered by the rage of the dead god Moradin with the powers of a Warlock to free his people.
  • Mysha Braylin, Elf Ranger, a young man and his wolf companion whose past is a mystery – his only clue a mark on the back of his left hand. Kidnapped by Bounty Hunter – current status unknown.
  • Finneus, Genasi Paladin to Bahamut, who’s passion for his deity is only exceeded by his creative way of expressing it. He lost faith to Bahamut in the terror caverns and re-dedicated himself to the Fae King Manach. Finneus met his end at the hands of The Darkness trying to save Captain Black Katt.
  • Uragahn, Genasi Invoker, an enigmatic being rarely seen in the world. Awoken from his eternal rest is the primordial chaos of Limbo, Uragahn is a Shard of the dead god Kord. Woe to those prey to his divine wrath!

Player Characters

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