One of the 13 clans formed by Moradin when he forged the Dwarven race, Avenigart is made up of the Prime Clan, for which it is named, and two sub-clans. Avenigart stands for the Hearth, and the clans and their purpose is as follows:

  • Avenigart, clan of Protection
  • Kragenart, clan of Tradition
  • Muskevart, clan of Domestics

Legendary heroes of clan Avenigart as inscribed on the Kyr Saluth are as follows:

  • Raynor of clan Avenigart in the year 85 (m ftr) drove the tarasque out of the earth in the lands that would become Urthom, into the savage mountains to the east.
  • Guthorm of clan Avenigart in the year 382 (m Ftr) formed, trained and sponsored the first Hearth Guard unit after doing a year-long term as “mother” while his mate recovered from injuries received in battle.
  • Hoff of clan Avenigart in the year 771 (m Brb) established the first known ranks of the Battle Ragers during the battle of Amar-nan, during which he single-handedly destroyed an army of 3820 orcs while in a blood-frenzied rage.
  • Raynor of clan Avenigart in the year 851 (m Ftr) lost the dwarven city of Bothshok from within by treachery, in the beginning of the goblin wars. Though his kin were slain, he survived long enough to slay the traitor and 1000 goblins before dying of bloodloss.
  • Atli of clan Avenigart in the year 1551 (f Ftr) established a traditional system of beard ornamentation and grooming to denote caste, status, and other deeds.
  • Durbar of clan Avenigart in the year 2835 (m Ftr) gave his life in the protection of the deep dwarves in a drow invasion.
  • Minadus of clan Avenigart in the year 2866 (m Ftr) discovered too late the dark dwarves greed and treachery when they undermined an entire elven forest, causing it to collapse. Drove the dark dwarves back below and sealed the entry to the underdark.
  • Ossan of clan Avenigart in the year 3284 (m Rog) assassinated the albino elf Jarra to prevent her evil plan to gas an entire Caern. He was himself slain during this task but the plan was discarded by the remaining elves as being too heinous.
  • Erall of clan Avenigart in the year 3359 (m Pal) broke the seventy year siege of * Vhal’Corgath by personally leading a charge out on his might boar steed “Tuskinator”. He personally slew over 350 elves and routed the rest.
  • Colmark of clan Avenigart in the year 3754 (m DwfDfd) held the line with the Hearth Guard against an invasion of the dark dwarves. Gave his essence to seal the Urthom entrance to the underdark once and for all.
  • Algar of clan Avenigart in the year 3860 (m Clr) was instrumental in the release of all non-combatants back to the elves after the capture of the elven city of Baernlaerith. This proved once more that dwarven honor overcame elven vindictiveness.
  • Norvi of clan Avenigart in the year 4799 (f Sor) created the Guardians of Moradin, special golems dedicated to guarding shrines and holy places of the dwarves.
  • Asgrim of clan Avenigart in the year 4902 (m DwfDfd) defended a caravan of homesteaders en route to the mines of Mythrazel from the frost giant clan of Nigelun.
  • Prellis of clan Avenigart in the year 5269 (f Clr) defeated the dwarven vampire Khogvis with the holy power of Moradin. This freed nearly 480 dwarven thralls that it had created.


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